South Scranton Intermediate School

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Pennsylvania Jr. Academy of Science

Congratulations to Ms. Miller & these amazing students!

1st Place Mia Burke 7th Chemistry
Into Thin Air
1st Place Charlie Talapa 7th Chemistry
When Soda Rises
2nd Place Jacob Stankowski 7th Chemistry
A Coin Solution
2nd Place Nick Denig 7th Physics Eggcellent Eggs
1st Place William Walsh 7th Physics Insulation Optimization
1st Place Chloe Neureuter 7th Behavioral Psych
The Nose Knows
1st Place Jack Rafferty 7th Behavioral Psych Munching in Math
2nd Place Matt Eckenrode 7th Biology Bread Mold
2nd Place Elliott Ballino 7th Botany Plants Rock Out
2nd Place Natasya Handijaya 7th Botany Glowing Roses


All 1st place winners will advance to

the State Competition