South Scranton Intermediate School

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March 14th Walk Out Information

Walk out on March 14th


A national movement is spreading regarding a student walkout on March 14th to protest violence in schools.  I want to allow our students to have a voice, but I must also keep them safe.  Walking out of the building will be unsafe as we do not have an area to gather in other than the public streets.  In addition, Scranton School District policy states that students leaving the building without permission are to be suspended from school.  Any student who decides to leave the building must have  a parent sign him/her back in to avoid suspension.

As an alternative, students will be allowed to organize in the gym where we will discuss and recognize the tragedy that has most recently happened in Florida.  We will also use this opportunity to reflect on the past tragedies in the nation.  Students do not need to participate.  They may choose to stay in their classroom at 10 AM.  All non-participating students will be supervised.  Classes will resume after this peaceful demonstration.