South Scranton Intermediate School

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In this course students will explore the world and its people through text, video, and imagination.

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November 5th- 9th

Monday---section assessment p.397
Wednesday--map work and read& outline pp.403-406/know terms
Thursday--Powerpoint and final page of comic book
Friday--open book must have your own book

October 29-November 2

Monday-Additions to map and intro to India
Wednesday--I Spy Activity
Thursday--Section Assessment p. 390

October 22-26

Monday- Complete the reading and outline to pages 497-499.
Tuesday-IPADS and overview of China/Study for review
Wednesday-Review for the Test
Friday-The Khan Dynasty

October 15th-October 19th

Monday---Marco Polo reading and essay.
Tuesday---Chapter outline on monarchy and republic in China.
Wednesday--Chapter outline on Communist China and Nixon openning up China.
Thursday---Powerpoint notes on 20th Century China.
Friday__Quiz and modern China

October 8th-11th

Tuesday__Maps,Graphs, Charts
Wednesday__apply the five themes of social studies to ancient China using the handout.
Thursday__Powerpoint on Ancient China
Friday_quiz on China


Monday--section assessment
Tuesday---composition on Japan, bonus essay
Wednesday --Test
Thursday--Start new section on China

September 26th-28

Wednesday__map work and notes on atomic bomb
Thursday___Video clip and post atomic bomb, "The Cold War"
Friday____quiz on modern Japan

Week of September 16th

  • Monday---Map of Asia and Questionaire..
  • Tuesday--Quiz on Japan, Modern Japan pages 517-520.
  • Wednesday--Terms and 5 themes applied to modern Japan.
  • Thursday--powerpoint and worksheet on Pearl Harbor.
  • Friday--Create a timeline and work on Maps of Asia.