South Scranton Intermediate School

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Mr. McCormick's Science Class

Welcome to my science class. I am looking forward to working with all of you. Please feel free to use this page to keep up with everything that is coming up and due this year. 
Life Science Course Description: Life Science establishes the study of living things and how they interact with they non-living world and readies students for further, more in-depth studies in the sciences through the establishment of underlying knowledge of living things and their environments. Topics presented in this course include, but are not limited to, cells, cell parts, cell processes, cell reproduction, classification, genetics, heredity, evolution, and ecology.
Please check the "Unit Pages" on the right of your screen for notes, worksheets, or any other information that relates to what we are covering in class. My plan is for the different units to correlate to the marking period we are in.
I have asked the district to print enough workbooks for each student I have.  Due to a minimal number of extras created, I do not have extra copies to hand out to students that have misplaced their original.  However, any student may use the files located below to print out their own workbook as needed.
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